Epidural steroid injection
Facet blocks
Lumbar sympathetic blocks
Medial branch block
Osteopathic manipulation
Sacroiliac injection
Stellate ganglion injection
Trigger point injection

an alternative method of treating pain by placing fine, sterile needles in certain points on the body.

indicated for patients who have had back surgery. Using a c-arm, the physician guides the scope to the affected area and breaks up scar tissue, which is surrounding the nerve. This may alleviate back and leg pain.

Epidural steroid injection:
injection of long lasting steroid (“cortisone”) in the area, which surrounds the spinal cord and the nerves coming out of it. This area is known as the epidural space. The steroid reduces swelling in the epidural space and often relieves pain.

Facet blocks:
chemical sensory nerve blocks that temporarily block the pain caused by facet joint problems. They can be used as a diagnostic test to determine if the patient will benefit from a facet rhizotomy.

Lumbar sympathetic blocks:
injection of local anesthetic near the “sympathetic nerve tissue”—the nerves that are a part of the lumbar sympathetic nervous system. The injection blocks the sympathetic nerves which may in turn reduce pain, swelling and sweating changes and may improve mobility.

Medial branch block:
is a diagnostic nerve block used to identify which nerves are causing specific back pain. If the patient experiences any pain relief, they are a candidate for radiofrequency.

Osteopathic manipulation:
manual re-alignment of joints and the spinal column.

if indicated, the physician will use radiofrequency to deaden the nerve causing the back pain. Pain relief may last 6 months or more.

Sacroiliac injection:
injection of local anesthetics and steroids into the sacroiliac joint for sacroiliac arthritis pain relief.

Stellate ganglion injection:
injection of local anesthetic near the “sympathetic nerve tissue”— the nerves that are a part of the sympathetic nervous system. The nerves are located on either side of the voice box in the neck. This may reduce pain, swelling and sweating changes in the upper extremity.

Trigger point injection:
injection of medication into the tender areas of muscle to help relieve pain and spasm.